The app view function is a way for you to display data from a Podio app not related to your log in item.

1. Go to your Podio app and create a team view.

2. Copy the app view link.

3. Go to your portal settings and add an app view field from the navbar. Paste the URL you've copied on the field (Or create user specific app views by entering the url directly in the log in item in Podio). 

It will be displayed as a table format.

Additional settings will be displayed. You can set your app view field to open on click and design the layout of each items on your view. Simply check the box next to the open on click option then click on the wrench button to access the layout settings.

item layout settings:

You can also choose which fields to add and remove from your view using dynamic filtering. Simply remove the item by hovering and clicking on the 'x' at the corner of each field. You may also add items to be displayed by selecting them from the 'add fields' dropdown section. 

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