One of the big strength of Podio, is relationships between items in different apps, allowing you to make powerful automatic workflows. 

You can leverage on these relationships in the WAU Portal for Podio, so you can show and allow interaction on user specific items in Podio, from you non Podio users using WAU Portal. 

1. Select relationship from the navigation panel to the right, and drag it into your section. 

2. When the relationship is in place in the section, press the gear icon on the upper right hand side of the field.

3. The select your workspace and app that the this item references too.

4. When the correct app is selected, you will see the settings for the relationship.

If you select open on click, a wrench tool will appear. Press it to configure.

 When open on click is selected, your users will be able to open the related item and design its layout and choose which items they see.

Press the checkbox and then save, and relationships are now available from the user view. 

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