The Portal installs on a CRM app which contains your users email address on each (login) item. They can then access their item and related items that you choose through the use of app views. App views allow you to show data from other apps in any workspace.

Follow these simple steps here on how to create an add an app view to your portal:

1. Create and save a team view in your Podio app.

2. Copy the app view link.

3. Add an app view field on your portal and paste in the app view link on the field.

How it looks like on the front:

Additional settings will be displayed. You can set your app view field to open on click and design the layout of each items on your view. Simply check the box next to the open on click option then click on the wrench button to access the layout settings.

item layout settings:

You can also choose which fields to add and remove from your view using dynamic filtering. 

Note: If you want to set individual app views, you can add the app view link in the "app view" field in the podio app where you installed the portal (login items). You can also use calculations in Podio to move around on certain information in Podio. Podio now also have the "always hide" feature, so that calculations will not mess up your app. 

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