After the installation, you will be directed to our user portal. On the right, you will see the list of portal/s (which are the incoming relationship to your customer item / login item in our Podio) that you have installed. 

Three buttons
Under each portal you, you will see three buttons: Settings, Portal Link and Podio App. 

Podio App
This button takes you to the Podio app where you installed the Portal. On this app, you can add items. One item corresponds to one user. Email field is required here, and your users will access your Portal with the email provided. On first login, your users will receive an email to set their password.

NOTE: If you did not install the Portal correctly on the first try, go to settings > global settings > look under portal application and click on the red warning sign and delete the portal. You have to start a new trial.

Portal Link
This takes you to the login page of your Portal.  This is the same page your users will see. After logging in, you will be directed to the front end / user side of your portal.  

To see your Portal from the user side, you need to create a login for yourself. Simply create an item in the Podio app, provide your email address and go to your Portals login screen. The login screen is the Portal link button. Enter your email address and you will receive an email to set your password. 

NOTE: This page can be customized with your own logo and branding details. You may set your colors and themes on and you upload your logo and favicon on the settings page.

Takes you to the settings page for your Portal. This is where the fun begins. Using our portal template builder, you can create your portal by adding rows, text fields, images, videos, Iframe, HTML box and podio fields. 

You can also start branding your portal by changing the logo and favicons.

You can access the global settings page to set your own domain, fonts, colors and so much more!

NOTE: You will be welcomed by a getting started tour after you have logged in to your portal. You can always go back by adding this at the end of your portal link: /settings?get_started

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