Our Version 2.0 is now live!

In general, this new version is faster, more stable and easier to configure. We have pushed for a brand new front end to beta, giving you full flexibility. All fields with Podio had an upgrade. HTML box and iframe has also been added to standard. We have also upgraded relationships so you would have a better experience in using it. 

You can check out all of it's feature by migrating to our beta version.

In order to do that, go to the list of your portals (if you have set up more than one) on your dashboard, click on the portal you would want to migrate to beta and click the blue button "Test Version 2.0". Wait for a few minutes to finish the migration process, after that access the new link to your portal https://betaportals.wau.solutions/(nameofportal) so you can start exploring the beta version.

If you have encountered any trouble during the migration, please feel free to contact support@wau.co

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