The main concept of an app view is to expose an array of items belonging another app or a view from Podio.

 Admin side: How to set it?

Configuration is mostly based on which app or view to expose, which fields and what are the features needed (filter and/or aggregation).

1. Go into the admin page. Click on the '+' sign so you can add a row. App view requires a full row or at least a half to work. Then click on add content and drag the app view field from the navbar into your chosen row.

2. Copy the app view link from your Podio app or choose a view by selecting Workspace -> App -> View (optional) 

3. Setup the view. By default all fields wound be in the configuration area. You can remove some as well. All available fields are in the select box option in the top-right position; by clicking on it, the field will be added on list

Per field, there is some option you can set.

  • Linkable (only for text and app field): if checked, this option will let your users click on the content of the cell where the value of the field is. For the app field, it will just open the related item in another tab. For the text field this will refer to the current row which is an item from your app/view.
  • Filterable : this option will activate the filter feature on the rendered app view. If not activated, users cannot do the search or filter by this field.
  • Sum (only money, number and calculation that return number): this feature calculates the sum of the field column of all shown items
  • Average (only money, number and calculation that return number): this feature calculates the mean of field column of all shown items

You can also set it to open on click and customize the layout of the items once it opens on front.


Front End - How To Use It?

Loading App View is settled on 2 steps:

1- fetching settings: in this step we just try to build your table as you has specified it in your admin page

2- fetching data: as soon as config is OK, we retrieve data from Podio according to filter set, user can do search or filter data from what you had exposed to them. We use some caching system to improve speed for while filtering data

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