Overview and Settings

Like on Podio, all relationship preview has a layout which, in most case, is defined in Podio. We use this last one to show preview item either on incoming and outgoing.

Somehow, there is a special case for incoming ones: user can choose among 3 layouts in Settings when you put an incoming relationship element on the contents area.

For now, only default (use Podio relationship badge) is available for use

Podio Changes

If you change the layout in Podio, the new structure is not pushed on the portal right away. Here is how you can refresh the layout on your portal.

1. You have to go to you portal settings

2.Go to global settings and look for the portal application section. Here you can find the action that allows refreshing layouts from Podio. It will just browse all relationship app config and update the badge layout. This will take effect on front just after this operation done.

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