Two-Factor authentication allows you to add an extra layer of security to your account with the use of verification codes.

Enabling The Two-Factor Authentication

To access the two-factor authentication page, go to the main menu and select 'security' from the dropdown. 

To make this feature work, user need their own phone.

1. Install The Google Authenticator app on your phone

2. Add your portal account details on google authenticato. In this step, user have to copy the secret code or just scan the QR-Code to the authenticator app to map it with the Portal application with their email address. Each user on each portal have different secret code.

3. Code Verification. To make sure that the secret code had been registered correctly, we need to verify it. So, the user have just to type the code he see on the phone (6-digits) into the security code input.

4. Enabled. On this stage, the feature is correctly enabled. Now, every the user connect to his portal, he will be asked for this extra layer security. We ask for the security code after user/password login successful.

To Enforce The Two Factor Authentication

Go to global settings and look for the security section. Turn on Two Factor authentication by enabling it on this section.

Note: If the security layer is enforced, all users have to setup / challenge the security layer when they connect.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication (Only if admin has not enforce it)

This option appears automatically once you refresh your page or after your next sign in once the feature has been enabled. Instead of the enabling flows, a "Disable..." button is exposed. 

Note: Two-factor authentication can not be disable as long as it was enabled on the admin side.

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